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Build The Ultimate Team In NBA Live Mobile Game


I simply had to build the ultimate team when I played NBA Live Mobile game with the players of my choice. This is the basic requirement of the game along with other secondary requirements like managing my team’s roster, scheduling the tournaments and much more. I found that building the team was easy, given the choices I could avail. I could buy players with the player cards from the store and stick to those players which I required only. This helped me to build a formidable team of my choice and preference. With the specific skill set of each player, I assigned each player with a specific responsibility which helped me a lot in playing the game.

I made some players as runners, some as shooters according to their skills. I made some players control and manage my defense while others I put up for offensive attacks on the opponents. With a little strategic planning, I found that playing NBA Live Mobile game to be very easy. While building the team, I also used another useful feature that I was provided by the game. I went to the Auction house and looked for players I wanted. Having enough cash, or the currency of the game, in hand I made the purchases from the auction house. This way I could get hold of star players which gave enough strength to my team.

I also got hold of some basketball legends whom I used sparingly while playing the NBA Live Mobile game. This helped me to earn respect as a team in the gaming community as well as improve my team’s ranking. Apart from buying, Auction house also allowed me to sell off those players that I did not want in my team which gave me more opportunity to buy better players. All these features helped me to build the ultimate team that could fight against any team, whatever the rank may be, and win the game as well.

When I was building the NBA Live Mobile game team, I found that I was allowed to take 25 players instead of 15 which gave my team more variety. Excess team members meant that the deficiencies of my team were covered up and now I had more options to arrange a formidable lineup. I could pick and choose players for my playing team, substitute according to my wish so that the outcome of the game was always in my favor. This once again helped me to keep my ranking high up.

All this was possible for me as I had enough resources in my hand all the time. I found that apart from the cheats for nba live mobile, which I seldom used to generate coins and to get suggestive tips, the game itself had enough useful features which when used carefully, gave me enough currency and resources. Activities and challenges galore gave me enough coins, points, and prizes just like I was rewarded handsomely for participating in the live events and other tournaments. Therefore, the game has everything in it to keep me engrossed for a long time.…

Why I Can Go On And On Playing Simcity Buildit


Gaming is not just a hobby for me. I am quite passionate about it and love to engage in quality sessions of gameplay. It was by chance that I came across the spectacular offering by Electronic Arts. Yes, you have guessed it right! I am talking about the SimCity franchise, which is a welcome break from all those run-of-the-mill gaming applications. The idea of planning a city and performing administrative functions is a great concept. Seldom will players get such opportunities to showcase their leadership skills. I was so much in awe of the first version, that the moment EA launched the next installment, known as Simcity Buildit I jumped with huge excitement and enthusiasm!

Well, fellow gamers! Today I am here to share my experience of playing this innovative game. What intrigued me a lot was the idea of planning and developing a city. It’s not as easy as it might sound because there are quite a few crucial factors worth considering in the entire process. Firstly, the player has to role-play as a city developer or mayor. Just as an administrative official takes care of citizens’ needs, players will have to replicate their functions and activities. Secondly, there is a need of considering every requirement of citizens. I learnt the art of developing a neighborhood that ensures optimum convenience and comfort for the people living in it!

If I seek references from the real world, it won’t be tough to find that people need basic resources and services to lead a comfortable life. Quite naturally, resource allocations happen to be an integral part of this gaming franchise. While playing the game, I got to work with the following basic services. Fire stations, judiciary, and police departments were some of the highly essential services which needed to be arranged according to people’s needs. I would also suggest all my fellow gamers use the simcity buildit hack or cheats, as that will be the key to uncovering and allocating crucial resources.

Service allocation is incomplete without the basic services such as education departments, parks, and cultural spots. While engaging in the gameplay, I decided to arrange them in proper order. Real-life references are crucial aspects of the game. I would certainly not like to live amidst a lot of disturbance and cacophony. The same principle is true for citizens of the city of Simcity Buildit. Players simply can’t build a factory or industrial unit within a residential area, as that will disrupt the peace of the place. Sewage plants and power backup is another important factor to consider.

When I started playing Simcity Buildit for the first time, I didn’t expect it to be so enthralling and awe-inspiring. After years of search, I actually got a game that combines fun and learning. The game ranks amongst those constructive gaming applications, where players learn to do something different each time they play the game. Those planning to give it a shot should not wait any longer! As a prolific gamer, I feel this is the best that the gaming world can offer!…

Madden NFL mobile- Effective game play tips

Madden mobile is one of the latest trial version games in the football titles that greatly support on windows, which belong to the PC game category. Actually, this game was created by the electronic arts and available only in the English language. Currently, it has more than 166, 283 downloaded and become one of the highly recommended games among the football players. Once you decide to play this game, it is very much important to assemble your dream team first and then choose your favorite NFL franchise in order to become the GM. You should also take your team in out of the field in order to compete with the friends or others.

Madden NFL game is specially designed for the players that takes a small storage place than any other average games available in the PC section. Now, this game is widely used in many numbers of countries such as Australia, Canada and United States. Once you decide to start playing this game, you need to get sufficient number of staffs in your hand by using madden mobile hack that allows you to use at infinite number of times. The great thing about this game is having a genuine 16 game season’s mode, which allows you to enjoy the game play in the most effective manner. This game also brings to compete against your friends in the head to head mode or you can also join in a league as well as battle.

How to play this game?

If you are a big fan of madden mobile and want to enjoy this game, you just follow the steps given below:

  • First you have to turn on your internet and start using the google play service
  • Now, you visit the Google play store and look for madden mobile download.
  • After that install the madden NFL mobile and begin to use it.
  • Learn various guides and earn xp’s from the game to get h2h and other stuff unlocked.
  • Finally, you can enjoy madden NFL mobile game on your PC.

Review on madden mobile game play

Madden Mobile Tips

Every year, the EA sports have been introduced the sports games on the main platforms. One of the latest popular games is madden NFL mobile that has a new dynamic approach to the football titles in the mobile devices. This will help to maintain the efficient game play from all main consoles as well as PC system, which has easily adapted to the mobile friendly interface. At present, one of the greatest inventions of EA is madden mobile game that helps you to experience the new game and enjoy the game play. This mobile game is now available to download on both android and iOS, so you can enjoy gaming on your smart phones. Recently, this application has been released the unique software that would definitely meets the expectations of the madden fans. If you would like to play this game, you just follow the tactics clearly and enjoy playing this awesome game.…

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